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Setting up SSL for your Cloudbees based service

May 23, 2013 1 comment

The previous post discussed setting up your domain, this post will discuss setting up SSL.

  1. Pay Godaddy or some other provider for a certificate.  This certificate will be valid for 1 year from the time it is issued.
  2. These instructions show you how to generate nginex installable certificates, which is what you need for cloudbees.
  3. Install cloudbees sdk: follow the instructions for installing the sdk
  4. Enable SSL on cloudbees for your application: follow these instructions for enabling ssl.


  1. When you need to add the cloudbees sdk to the path.  You can use the following command:
    sudo nano ~/.bash_profile
    This will let you edit using nano editor, much more user friendly than vim/vi if you’re not a unix freak.  Save the new file and restart the terminal.
    To add the sdk to the path, you need to add the following commands to the .bash_profile file and save:
    export BEES_HOME=/Volumes/srcvault/cloudbees/cloudbees-sdk-1.5.0
    export PATH=$PATH:$BEES_HOME
  2. When you run the app:router:create command you will get an IP.  You need to go to Godaddy or whatever DNS service you use, and update the A record to point to that IP.
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